Frequently Asked Questions

Every site has them (well, almost every site.....some of them do, anyway), so this site has one, too.   Here are questions I get a lot about the Bash(es) and their answers.

What is the Bash?
The Bash is a gathering of like-minded individuals to chat, play games, and just have fun.
What is the difference between the Main Bash and a Mini-Bash?
The Main Bash is the big bash with a lot of attendees showing up.   The Main Bash location must be voted upon by the Bash members.  More information on setting up a Main Bash can be found here.  Mini-Bashes, on the other hand, are set up by people and anyone that wants to attend can.  This results in smaller groups, but the person hosting the Mini-Bash is not bound by the Main Bash location rules.
Who all is invited to the Bash?
Really, anyone is invited, so long as you're interested in physical transformations, furries, or whatever.  We're not an elite club.  As long as you can get there, you're invited.  :-)
The Bash is in <Insert City Here>.  I can't get there!  Why don't you have it in <Insert Other City Here>?
Well, for everyone, the "other city" is going to be a place they can't get to.   If we placed it in Baltimore, Seattlites couldn't get there, if we placed it in Los Angeles, Bostonians couldn't get there, if we placed it in Houston, Canadians couldn't get there, etc.  There's no way we could possibly please everyone with the location of the Bash.
The Bash is <Insert Dates Here>.  I can't make it at that time!   Why don't you move it to <Insert Other Dates Here>?
As stated above, we can't please all the people all the time.  We must pick a date and the date we pick is going to be a problem for someone.  Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid it.
Can we have next year's Bash in <Insert City Here>?
There is really only one way to assure that the Bash is held in your city: host it yourself.  This means, you've got to do the legwork.  You've got to do all the work in putting the Bash together, including, but not limited to hotel-scoping, convention-room reserving, and siteseeing looking.  Due to some argument as to how future Bash locations are chosen, Viqsi (with inspiration by Dragon de Monsyne) has come up with some rules as to how to have your city as the Bash location.   Click here to see those rules.
A registration fee?! I'm already paying for a hotel room; now I have to pay an additional fee? Aren't you guys just out to make a profit?
Yes. Yes. No. The registration fee is used only to offset the cost of the conference room. When a Bash Organizer reserves a conference room, they must pay for it out of their own pocket. The registration fee is only used to recoup that cost. The Bash has never been, nor will it ever be, a for-profit event.
What should I bring to the Bash if I'm attending?
Anything you want to, so long as it's not illegal.  :-)  We can't have you bringing contraband such as Canadian toilet-tank supplies into the USA or anything like that... *wink wink*
What do you mean, "contraband Canadian toilet-tank supplies"?
Long story, I'll tell you later...
Next question, please.
All right...  Hey!  My name's not on the Attendee Map on the Bash webpage!  What gives?
Santa Claus gives.  Salvation Army gives.  Thanksgiving is a time to "give thanks."  Oh, wait, you were asking about the Attendee Map, right?  Okay, my bad.  To add your placemarker to the Attendees map, there is an "Add" button on the top-right. Click that and you will be taken to a dialog box to enter in your information such as name, address (be as specific as you want), placemarker color, attendance probability, arrival times, and more. After clicking the submit button once, you will have a popup window confirming your address. Click that to populate the Latitude/Longitude fields. Click "submit" once more and you'll receive an URL. Keep this URL handy so that you can update your information if it changes. If this doesn't work, please e-mail me with the information you want on your placemarker and I'll update it.
Boy, the above was a mouthful.  Surely you can condense it?
Yes, I can condense it.  And don't call me "Shirley."  Simply put, click add and follow the screen, save the URL or, alternatively, e-mail me and I'll add/fix it ASAP.  Thanks.
Where can I go to discuss the Bash, such as events or whatever?
The best place to discuss this is on the TSABash Mailing List.  This includes discussion of the next Bash, future Bashes, mini-bashes, events, attendance probabilities, hotel information, et al.  Really, anything involving a Bash should be discussed there.  The e-mail address is tsabash@lists.integral.org.   If there are any other questions, feel free to pose them on the mailing list.    :-)