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TSA-Bash 2016


March 6, 2016 - What's that? The TSA-Bash website is back online? Dogs and cats are living together? A new Ghostbusters movie is coming out with an all female cast? MASS HYSTERIA! Er... uh... Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen (your mileage may vary), we have a Bash! Now in its 19th year, the TSA-Bash 2016 is a go!

We return once again to the Columbus, Ohio area, courtesy of our benevolent(?) Bash Overvixen (all hail!), to the suburb of Dublin. Here, we'll be painting the town red! Err, well, the roof will be red. As in the Red Roof Inn PLUS+ Dublin. (I really need to work on my comedy...) Aaaanyway! The Bash will be held from Friday, June 24th to Monday June 27th (the conference room will be available throughout). The registration fee for this year's Bash is...checks the figures...is this right? Really? Okaaaay... FREE! That's right! As long as we get some people coming, the hotel is throwing in the conference room completely complimentary! Yay!

As this website is just coming back online, if you see anything that did not survive the transition, please let me know! Thanks!

Hotel Information

Hotel PhotoRed Roof Inn PLUS+ Dublin Ohio
5125 Post Road
Columbus, OH  43017
TEL: (614) 764-3993
FAX: (614) 764-0698

Official Bash Days: Friday, June 24th - Monday, June 27, 2016
Conference Room Open: Friday, June 24th - Monday, June 27, 2016

Hotel Details
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Area Information

The city of Dublin began, as most cities do, with a modest beginning, being described as having one store and several mills.

The town remained modest all the way up to 1970 when it only had 681 residents, but the construction of I-270 created a population boom. It became the site of the corporate headquarters of Wendy's International (yum!). It officially became a city in 1987 and remains an affluent city to this day.

Airport, Restaurant Guide, and Directions Coming Soon...

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